Caryl Ekirch Williams

Illustrator / Author / Artist

Caryl Williams, in her recent book, The Words, introduces children to words by mixing them up with art and humor. Caryl herself has been mixed up in art and humor since her elementary school years when she was dubbed "the artist." A graduate of Skidmore College with a fine arts degree and George Mason University with a masters in teaching, Caryl teaches art and wants all her students to know they are "the artist" too. She lives by the sea in Lewes, Delaware with her husband George and dog Biscuit. Up in her attic studio she hangs out with her friends, the words and some wild ideas for her next crazy art/book projects. Click Here to contact Caryl.

Morgan Blackstone Williams

Visual Editor / Landscape Architect / Designer

Morgan Williams, Caryl’s son, lives in Salida, Colorado where he works for an urban landscape firm. As a graduate of James Madison University with a BS in finance and the University of Colorado with a masters in Landscape Architecture, his computer skills turn rough drawings into book ready illustrations.